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The Copilot for Workers in Motion

We enable you to capture better data and become up to 50% faster in all of your tasks.

Try it for 30 days free. 


See it in action

Watch how your voice alone can improve the way you get your work done.

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Unlock the Power of AI

Time can make or break margins. Eliminate duplication, add consistency, and improve turnaround of your data collection and analysis. 

Share data directly from collection into your CRM, PMS, or other company system.

Reduce human error through a system that improves its accuracy over time, by utilizing state of the art AI elements.

Ensure consistent company-wide data collection, sharing, and analysis processes.

Capture details.
Simplify Reporting.

Voice Assistants on Consumer Devices

All voice data is freeform

Only listens for commands

Speech-to-tech transcribing only

Searches the Internet for options

Dexer Natural

Formats speech entry into clean, structured data

Built off of an AI backbone, allowing us to learn from mistakes - improving over time

Near instant verification with the highest level speech recognition capabilities on the market

Securely uploads searchable voice-captured data to the cloud with no lag time


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