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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Once you're ready, a Dexer employee meets with you to understand your current data collection process and how Dexer can best meet your needs. Our goal is to return a functioning app back to you within 72 hours of that first meeting.

What is the difference between Dexer and other voice-to-text products/services?

Basic talk-to-text transcribes notes using what it thinks you’re saying. Dexer builds structured data-entry apps customized to use speech-recognition to meet your specific business needs. 

Our apps understand industry- and company-specific vocabulary, can confirm the right type of data is entered in the right places, and organize data to make it easily searchable.

What are the hardware requirements to use Dexer today?

Dexer currently works on iOS devices, with expansion for additional platforms planned for 2023.

Do you have recommended Bluetooth devices that work with Dexer?

Dexer can be used without Bluetooth, but the right accessories can make data collection with Dexer even more efficient.

We've tested Bluetooth accessories extensively in the field, and our favorites can be purchased as part of our Technology Bundles.

How much does Dexer cost?

There are several pricing plans available for Dexer. Please reference our plans found on our Features page.

Who owns the data collected with Dexer?

Your organization retains complete access to and ownership of your data. Dexer uses Amazon Web Services (AWS), the most secure cloud computing environment, to store your data.

Can I integrate Dexer into my existing platform?

Dexer can integrate with existing data management tools via an external API. If you have an application you are considering using with Dexer software, we recommend speaking with a Dexer employee to fully discuss the options available at this time.

Do I need an internet connection to use Dexer?

For data collection, no. Dexer's speech software runs entirely offline and stores your data as you go. Once you have completed your data capture needs, you will need an internet connection to transfer your data from the capture device, including to the Dexer web portal or your company's own data management or CRM tools.

Is Dexer a subscription service? One person/license?

Dexer's pricing is based on a per-license contract. Refer to our Features page to understand the customizations available and then speak with a Dexer representative for more information.

How do I know if this could help me? Will this help my team or company?

We've already increased efficiency, safety, accountability, and accuracy for a number of U.S. businesses, while improving quality of life for employees. We offer a free 14-day trial to test out Dexer within your organization.

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