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Quality data delivered through voice.

It's the simplicity of translating voice communication to structured data that motivates us. We care about adding to our customer's productivity, securely.

our mission


Eliminate waste in day-to-day business activities and streamline data entry for a more efficient operation.

We Aim for Efficiency and Quality.

our vision


To put an end to the multi-touch input process that eliminates duplication and improves consistency in data collection.

We Enable Quick, Accurate Data.

Simplifying Data Collection and Analysis

We enhance data collection through our customized forms that seamlessly integrate within your system. This improves the quality, consistency and turnaround of the data collected while eliminating duplication in the process.

Voice Communication

Structured Data

Data Secure & Encrypted

Analysis and Reporting

Efficiency Realized

we're helping people enjoy their jobs again

I think the thing I love most about what we're doing at Dexer is that we're helping people enjoy their jobs again. From industry veterans to interns, our system works to streamline a process that – let's face it – nobody enjoys.

Lance Burditt
President & Chief Commercial Officer

Meet Our Team

Lance Burditt
President & Chief Commercial Officer

Bruce Rasa
CEO & Co-Founder

Aaron Gobin
Co-Founder & Operations Leader

John Swansey
Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer

Kevin Davis
Chief Technology Officer

Jared Brown
Sales & Customer Acquisition Executive

TJ Flax
Customer Success Lead

Our Advisors

Phil Osman

Founder & Principal, FastBreak Solutions, LLS

Craig Wallace

President, C. S. Wallace Investments + Strategy

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